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Ideal Conceal REG-CF

The Ideal Conceal Opportunity

The Problem

Out of the millions of people who hold a conceal carry permit, there are a great many people who can't easily carry or efficiently operate a traditional pistol. ​A large percentage of those permit holders deeply fear others seeing that they are carrying.​ In today's divided society, people want to be sure ​​coworkers, neighbors and customers don't react negatively if they notice you're carrying a pistol.​

Terrorism and ​random ​acts of ​violence are creating situations where more and more citizens need to provide the first line of defense for themselves​, their families and friends. Many people who would carry a firearm for protection are concerned about convenience and safety when it comes to carrying a pistol.

It is our mission to be sure that people from all walks of life ​h​ave a reliable way to carry ​a pistol for self-defense without the concern that comes with the operation of a traditional pistol while providing the most excellent concealment option on the market.​​



​In order to help solve these issues, Ideal Conceal​ created a pistol that is similar in dimension and appearance to a cellphone, and is safe and easy to conceal. This ​design ​feature ​grants the I​C380 ​the​ ​ability to ​simply ​hide in plain sight​.

Ease of concealment combined with ease of operation will allow more citizens to defend themselves against violence and terror.

Having a safe, ea​​sy to operate pistol with you allows peace of mind, self-protection, and the ability to avoid becoming a victim.

No matter how you dress, you can carry a gun th​​at doesn't draw extra attention.



It is estimated that 18.66 million permits to carry a gun were issued as of 201​9​, ​one of ​the HIGHEST number​s​ on record.

In 2019, the total FBI - NICS background checks for the year were 25,432,856. This number reflects the number of guns purchased that required a background check.

Nearly all concealed carry license holders and gun owners in states without permit requirements are in our target market.

In addition, this pistol is much easier to open carry, and appeals to the many individuals such as mothers who don't feel comfortable carrying around a firearm with an exposed trigger (even with a safety) or even that looks like a gun.

Not to mention a vast and ready international market.

Our pistols are not only being shipped domestically; they have already been exported to countries such as Jordan and South Korea. Brazil is easing regulations regarding the rights of citizens to own and carry guns, which will open another large and hungry market.

At the 2019 Shot Show, (largest industry show in the USA), in four days Ideal Conceal had more than 10,000 visitors come to the booth including many inquiries from all over the world. With similar interest at the 2020 show along with even greater demand from dealers our reach continues to increase.



There are many large competitors in the firearms industry. However, due to holding both Design and Utility Patents, no one can make a pistol similar to the IC380 (Cellphone Pistol) or other caliber pistols in the works from Ideal Conceal.

Ideal Conceal is a ​very ​specialized pistol for best concealment, and with its utility and design patent(s) protection, it is more likely that a licensing deal could be made than direct competition with a pistol of the same nature/design coming from a competitor.

Ideal Conceal firearms are filling a void in the current handgun landscape with a focus on self defense. Therefore, many (if not most) of our customers purchase the IC380 as a new and unique addition to their collection or because they weren't able to find what they were looking for from the competition.


Why Us?

There have not been any significant innovations like Ideal Conceal pistol in the firearms market for many years.

When this was still just an idea, just as a 3D drawing, we had over a million Facebook visits and an equally impressive am​​ount of website hits. We received 15,000 emails in April of '16 alone, even before any production or capital raising took place.

We pre-sold 750 units before we could even accept credit cards. Today, Ideal Conceal has more than 700 registered dealers and many pending orders. Even without the benefit of marketing or even having a public facing page to order from (until recently) orders have continued to come in.

Why us? No matter what obstacles that came our way, we have produced the finest of pistols, no short cuts...

We produce a pistol with comparable quality to any big-name manufacturer. This was accomplished within 3 years, which is a similar timeline to HUGE firearms companies that have been in business for decades longer.



We expect to sell approximately 5,000 pistols in the balance of 2020. Our sales should see an increase as exports begin later in the year.  As we start to scale production and clear out the backlog sales will increase due to immediate shipping capabilities, particularly from dealers who are waiting to make large orders until they can be filled upon purchase.

Since we only recently made sales to the public available on our website we anticipate obtaining better sales data to adjust our forecasts over the next few months. Thus far, we've kept our forecasts on the conservative side, despite having great demand from dealers who are anticipated to order more in the thousands as soon as we can produce enough inventory.


Financing Needed

We are raising up to $2 million between a 506c and Reg  CF offering to allow for the following:

  • Large quantity purchases of parts inventory ​using the benefits of scale ​to drive manufacturing costs down​.
  • Hire several a​dditional employees to support in-house assembly of products.
  • Produce enough excess inventory to fulfill large quantity orders from our dealer network.
  • Expand infrastructure to support international and expanded domestic sales.
  • Implement marketing and sales strategies for sustained growth.
  • Continue r​esearch and develop​​ment of additional products and accessories.
  • R​etire some of the current debt from R & D efforts.
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